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Nationally Ranked in Geriatrics

UT Southwestern Medical Center is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation's top 25 hospitals for geriatric care.

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, our geriatrics program combines attentive and compassionate care with state-of-the-art medical resources to create one of the nation’s leading health care programs for older adults.


Our geriatricians are specially trained to prevent and manage older adults’ unique and, oftentimes, multiple health concerns. They provide both primary care services and comprehensive geriatric assessments for patients and their families, developing care plans that address the special health care needs of older adults. Our geriatric specialists focus on the complete individual, including social and psychological issues as well as medical conditions.

Our Services

UT Southwestern offers several programs for our older patients.

Geriatric Primary Care

Our physicians provide long-term primary care for patients 80 years of age and older.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

We evaluate older adults with complex medical and social conditions, including mobility issues, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, rehabilitation needs, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and psychological disorders. We also analyze the patient’s current medications to determine whether they are clinically warranted and interact safely.

This complete and coordinated evaluation occurs in one clinical setting and is performed by a team that includes a geriatrician and a social worker who specializes in geriatrics. Each team member assesses the patient separately, and then the group confers to create the best plan for future care.

The UTSW Care of the Vulnerable Elderly (COVE) Home-Based Primary Care

The UTSW Home-Based Primary Care Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the care of the vulnerable elderly with multiple chronic conditions. Patient care is provided by clinicians that integrate the efforts of caregivers and community resources for those over the age of 65 with functional or cognitive impairment.

The UTSW POSH Program

The UT Southwestern Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (UTSW POSH) Program is an innovative, interdisciplinary model of care designed for older adults undergoing elective surgical procedures.

Age-Friendly Health Systems

UT Southwestern Medical Center has been recognized as a participant in Age-Friendly Health Systems, a movement to deliver safe, reliable, high-quality health care in every setting based on what matters most to older adults as individuals.