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Physician Departures

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UT Southwestern has many fine physicians providing expert medical care for our patients. Routinely, we have physicians who close their practice to retire or relocate. Your clinic will be happy to recommend a new provider to assume your care.

Patient medical records may be obtained by calling 214-456-2509.

The following physicians are preparing to close their practice at UT Southwestern on the following dates:

Mark Agostini, M.D. – June 16, 2023

Alpesh Amin, M.D. – April 21, 2023

Regina Chorley, M.S.N., APRN, ANP-BC – March 3, 2023

Chelsee Greer, D.O. – March 10, 2023

Langdon Stone, M.D. – Sept. 1, 2023

Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni, M.D. – March 23, 2023

John Warner, M.D. – March 15, 2023

Reed Williams, M.D. – April 7, 2023